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Tenders refer to the formal process by which an organization invites suppliers to submit competitive offers for the supply of goods or services. This process is common in government procurement, as well as in private sector transactions.

Here are some key points about tenders:

Tender Notice/Advertisement: Organizations looking to procure goods or services will issue a tender notice or advertisement. This document provides details about the project, the requirements, and the submission process.

Bid Documents: Interested suppliers, contractors, or service providers can obtain the bid documents, which include detailed information about the project, technical specifications, terms and conditions, and the evaluation criteria.

Submission of Bids: Suppliers prepare and submit their bids according to the guidelines outlined in the tender documents. Bids typically include a technical proposal and a financial proposal.

Opening of Bids: After the submission deadline, the procuring organization opens the bids in a public forum. The opening is often attended by representatives of the bidding companies.

Evaluation: The submitted bids are evaluated based on predefined criteria. This evaluation considers factors such as price, technical capabilities, experience, and compliance with specifications.

Award of Contract: The contract is awarded to the successful bidder. The selection is based on the evaluation of bids, and the contract is usually awarded to the bidder who offers the best value for money and meets the specified criteria.

Contract Execution: Once the contract is awarded, the parties involved execute the contract, and the supplier begins the delivery of goods or services as outlined in the agreement.

Regulations and Compliance: Tenders are often subject to specific regulations and compliance requirements, especially in government procurement. These regulations aim to ensure fairness, transparency, and equal opportunity for all bidders.


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To find specific tender information, you may need to check official government procurement websites, specialized tender portals, or contact the relevant procurement departments of organizations. The process can vary between countries and industries.

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